An active policy decision by the 1Password team, means only a small number of browsers are able to communicate with it.  Once there are enough requests they'll review this - make your request heard.

For the best experience and current support we recommend you use the 1Password X extension in Wavebox.

From a Wavebox code standpoint, Wavebox fully supports the 1Password extension, however the 1Password desktop app rejects any browser connection other than those that come from an allowed browser (Firefox, Chrome etc, as identified by their digital signature).

This is an active policy decision by 1Password and one they will only review as customers demand it - so it may be worth sending a quick note to the 1Password support forums to make sure your request is heard!

In the mean-time we continue to recommend that you use the 1Password X extension and we'll be happy to welcome the 1Password (desktop app) extension into Wavebox when 1Password blesses Wavebox :-).