This post gives some guidance on how to add multiple apps of the same time to a single group. This could be useful if you want to group your Gmail apps or Slack apps all together in under one icon (group) in the sidebar.

Multiple Gmail apps in one group, working side-by-side

When you add a new App, Wavebox suggests you use either the 'default' profile for that app, or create a new one.  If you try and add multiple apps of the same type to a group, Wavebox will guide you on the best way to do it. Here's how it's done.

First tell Wavebox you want to add a new app to an existing group, either by using the plus button in the toolbar or the Add another app item in the group icon's right-click menu.

Wavebox will ask which type of app you want to add, (in this case Gmail) and you can continue through with the wizard, configuring your app as required.

Note: You could change the profile here, if you already know what you want to do, but for the purpose of this guide leave it as it is.

If you have a specific profile in mind, you might want to change that during this step. But to get you started just press next.

Once the new Gmail app has been added, a sidebar will appear with some  information on profiles and how they work - it will warn you that this is the second app of this type added to the group, so you may need to create a new profile for it so that it's separated from other apps of the same type in this group. So click on Keep & create a new profile.

That's it! You'll be prompted to sign in to your second Gmail account, and once done you'll be all setup. Both Gmail accounts have their own set of logins and data, but you can switch between them just like any other app in Wavebox.