Wavebox provides a number of tools for handling new windows. These tools can help you streamline Wavebox for you. There are three main ways that Wavebox can handle new Windows, these can be changed through Settings > Window Behaviour

New Window

This is similar to the behaviour that you'd expect from your web browser. All new window requests will open in a new Wavebox window, or open as a new tab in an existing Wavebox window.

Default Browser

This pushes all new window requests out to your default browser. There are some exceptions here, for example when the opening page communicates with the newly opened window. These windows normally open as smaller popups.

App Matcher

This is the default setting in Wavebox. The app matcher looks at the apps that you already have added to Wavebox, and tries open the new window in the correct app. It's only able to do this if the app is within the same profile and if it's unable to do this, it opens in a new window.

When Wavebox does this, it informs you about what it's done and gives some options about what to do next time. You can review and make changes to these rules under the opening apps settings > Account & Behaviour.

One off behaviour

Sometimes you need to open a link differently, there are a couple of ways to do this on a one-time basis

Context Menu

Through the right-click menu you can pick to open in a new tab, window or the default browser

Keypress + Click

By setting a Link Opening behaviour in settings. This lets you combine a keyboard keypress with a mouse click to change the behaviour. (e.g. Shift+Click, Alt+Click, Ctrl/Cmd+Click)