Wavebox allows you to have multiple Gmail accounts running side by side in the same window. Under some circumstances, you can accidentally login to the same Google account which means you may end up with two entries in the sidebar for the same account when this shouldn't be the case.

Each entry in the sidebar should be for a different account, in this case something has gone wrong

You can find the scenarios where this is the case, how to check, diagnose and fix below...

What are Cookie Profiles?

Wavebox supports logging into multiple Google accounts in the same cookie profile, however the first Google account that you signed into will be used as the primary account. Your unread badges, notifications and the Gmail you're taken to automatically will be this one.

To check if this the case, you need to go to the Google account picker. In Gmail, right click on your account icon in the top-right of the screen and pick "Open Link in New Tab".

This will open a new tab, listing all the accounts that you're signed into with this cookie profile. The topmost account, will be the primary account, and this will be the one that Wavebox uses for badges, notifications etc.

❌I wanted to use the Thomas 2 account

If the primary account is correct, then there's nothing more to do. If this is not the case, then you need to tell Google to swap them. To do this, click the sign out button. Google will then prompt you to sign back in, just ensure that you sign into the account you want to use as the primary account first.

✅Sign back into Thomas 2 first to ensure this is my primary account

Back in the main Wavebox window it may take a little while to pick up this change or may tell you that you're signed out. To speed this up, press the home button and wait a few moments. The correct unread counts and account icon will load in.

What are Cookie Profiles?

The normal setup in Wavebox is for each app of the same type to use a different Cookie Profile to keep it separated from other instances allowing you to have multiple logins. To check if the two Gmail apps are using the same profile...

Open Settings, click on the 'Profiles' tab, followed by the 'Manage apps & groups for each profile' button

The profile manager will appear, showing which apps use each profile. When selecting the profiles in the list, apps and groups using that profile are highlighted. If both apps are using different profiles (as in the image below) then this is the optimum setup. If they're using the same profile continue...

✅Both Gmail apps are using different cookie profiles

If both Gmail apps are using the same profile (as in the image below) then they will both use the same login. The easiest solution here, is to remove one of the accounts and add it again. During the add wizard, you'll be given the option to pick the cookie profile. By default this will be a new cookie profile, it's best to leave this setting as is.

❌ Both Gmail apps are using the same cookie profile and thus sharing the same login