Real-time cloud sync for Wavebox is currently in development and will be released in 2020.

At the moment we synchronize accounts with the cloud, but on a device-by-device basis, which is useful for setting up a new computer quickly from a previous install on another computer.  Here are a few notes on this subject.

  • During install on a new computer, you should login using your current subscription email, if possible (make a note of this from your other computer: 'Settings > Wavebox Subscription').  
  • You will then be shown all the computer set-up with that account. Simply choose the one you want to restore from. The new computer will then automatically pick up the settings, apps, groups, profiles and pins from that install.
  • Extensions are not currently restored, so you will need to add them again manually. We will be adding support for synchronising extensions during 2020 as well.
  • You will need sign-in to all your accounts again on the new computer.  However you can make this a much easier process by exporting/importing your passwords from another computer. Just follow the details in this Knowledge Base article.
  • Note:  you can use your Pro subscription on any number of different computers.