Add an extension to Wavebox

Wavebox supports installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Here's how you can add one...

  1. Open a new tab in Wavebox, either by using the window menus or the New Window button in the sidebar
  2. Find the extension you want to try in the Web Store
  3. To use, click Add to Wavebox

Manage extensions in Wavebox

You can view all of your extensions and manage them from the extension screen. To access it...

  1. Click the main hamburger menu in the top right of any window in Wavebox
  2. Navigate to More Tools, then the Extensions option
  3. All your extensions will be listed along with corresponding options for each

Remove an extension from Wavebox

You can remove any extension from the extension management screen

  1. Open the extension management screen described in the steps above
  2. Click Remove on the extension that you no longer want installed